Katatonia Dethroned and Uncrowned

So sometimes I have those moments in my photography life that I have to pinch (or punch) myself just to make sure that what is happening is real. Since I was 17 I have been in love with Katatonia’s work.  There were many hours of listening to Last Fair Deal Gone Down and Tonight’s Decision while I edited away on digital art and photography. Life happens and time moves on and their albums continue to come out, and I continue to hit every live show they have in Northern California.

Somehow… suddenly there I was at The Great American Music Hall in San Francisco with the band setting up light to shoot their promotional photos. Of course, leave it to life that at that time I am meeting one of my favorite bands and having a fan girl moment I had been suffering from Bell’s Palsy and was in pretty bad pain and had trouble talking.  Oh, Life. Regardless of my broken face and cramped schedules, we got the photos done and they turned out pretty freaking rad.

Not only do they create some of my favorite albums ever, but they are an incredible group of guys to hang out with and shoot.  It really took my fan girl edge off once being around them for a few minutes.

 Katatonia's Anders Nystrom for Dethroned and Uncrowned Album
 Jonas Renske from Katatonia at the Great American Music Hall
 Katatonia Dethroned and Uncrowned Promotional